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How LongTail Pro Makes You the Millionaire

Are you a digital marketer? Do you want to earn from affiliate marketing? So, you are in the right place now. It’s time to decide your destination from good to best. If you really wanna successful in online marketing, you must have three things in your grip. These are – ambition, dedication, and tools. Now, in this competitive market, it is easy to move on if you have tools in your hand. Today I am going to focus one of the most terrifying keyword research tools to enrich your business at the pick. So, let’s see how Longtail pro makes you the millionaire.

Why Keyword is Important

This is probably the main question for every digital marketer that why the keyword is important? Let me show you something first.

According to Moz “Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about.” According to Yoast “Keyword is a search term.” In search engine optimization parameter the keyword is a phrase which helps you to search for anything on the internet platform.

What is Keyword Research

We know why a keyword is important? Now the question is how to choose the keyword for your content? Let me clarify one thing first.

Keyword research is all about with search volume, click rate, impression, competition, density etc. There are most of the FREE tools which allow the keyword research. According to me, these are not the keyword research tool actually, rather they may be called as keyword suggestion tool.

Hope you know the difference between free and paid for almost every section! The free tools have limitations whereas the paid tools have more alternatives which may help to provide a better result.

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Why Longtail Pro

Now you can understand that today mostly long tail keywords are most preferable. It is due to the naturality which brings natural search.


You may ask you there are many keyword research tools in the market, why longtail pro is suggestive?

From my personal experience, I prefer this tool because it helps me a lot. But you can go for other tools like SEMrush, Ahref etc. There are some free keyword research tools available in the market like Google Keyword Planner,, Ubersuggest which gives you search suggestions definitely, but from the paid tool like Longtail Pro gives you the more relevant result like Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric, profitability, rank value, volume, bid amount etc.

Let’s see the main focus which Longtail Pro provides –

  • Keyword Competitiveness (KC)
  • Search Volume
  • Bid Amount
  • Competition
  • Words or No of Words
  • Rank Value
  • Language and Location

You can customize the result of the dashboard to get a better result.

How Longtail Pro helps you

It is a very professional question that how Longtail Pro helps you. It is very important to know the functionality of a tool. We knew that this tool provides lots of things. Let’s see

  • First, it helps you to find the easy keywords which are similar to unique KC or Keyword Compatibility.
  • Second, it showcases profitability using rank value
  • Third, it provides an opportunity with the detailed competition
  • Fourth, customization data with filtering and sorting
  • Fifth, detail domain and page level metrics.
  • Download your data and work with it. You will get the best result than before.

How Much is Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is completely free for seven days. Click here to get the seven-day trial. After the free package is expired, you will have to choose the plan either monthly or yearly. See, the package is up to your pocket. I am trying to provide as detail as possible below.

Basically Long tail Pro provides three attractive packages like – Annual starter, Annual pro, and Annual agency. Hope you can understand the difference between them. If you run a digital marketing organization you should avail Annual Agency package. Now let’s see the major difference along with pricing.

At first, let me focus on similar things among all packages. The similar things are – tracked domains are unlimited and a rank update is a daily purpose. Besides it, you will get FREE complete keyword research course guide from Longtail University.

How Longtail Pro can Change Your Earning

Do you know how the Longtail Pro can change your earning? You understood that the choosing proper keyword brings more relevancy. It is true that there is lots of competition to choose a proper keyword for your online business. What is the solution then?

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